Gut Feeling


Ghosts A short comic strip of my 20-month-old sister learning a new word after taking a liking to my Halloween-themed boxers.

In Middle School...



In Middle School... is a short comic reflecting on the friendships I have gained since middle school. At the time I felt like an outsider since I didn't feel like I was part of any group of friends, and I often would spend lunchtime alone in the library because of it. This comic is essentially what I wish I could tell my younger self, that it really does get better and you will find a group of people that will make sure you never feel alone.

Heart Racing is short comic about the confusion of crushes and the "butterflies" that come with them. The events that take place here are mainly based on the "butterflies" I had experienced in early high school, and my further confusion when I felt that same thrill of "butterflies" when I found a matching pair of socks in my laundry.

Relationship Reflections